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I hope you learned something about the moons' effect on planting and will try it and see that it works. I consider it a part of organic gardening philosophy, working with the forces of nature. It is an ideal to aspire to, although I often get caught having to plant at a less than desirable time because it's now or never! I'd love to hear stories if you get some interesting results.

This calendar was started by me, Caren Catterall, in 1997, when I made a New Years Resolution to try to stay on top of my garden, and get plants in at the right time. I took my new calendar and was writing in the best planting days when I realized my friends would like to have that information too. So I printed a few, and the tremendous response has encouraged me to keep growing and improving the product.

It has been an incredible journey of learning. My husband was never comfortable with vague terms like "the Moon's gravitational pull is greater at this time", and so I had to learn enough to satisfy his scientific mind. I have learned graphic design and page layout programs. Taking the product to the web has meant learning about web design and web based business, for which I thank both my son Merlin, who wrote my first page in HTML at age 16, and my brother, Garth Catterall, for technical advice.

Garth and I have developed software, a whole different skill set. Now you can customize it for your exact frost dates and time zone. I feel most satisfied with my efforts in this latest revision, and the expanded information. Our latest evolution of adding the digital downloads and the Moon Planting Matrix software enables us to address the needs of international customers and those who live in frost free areas. It is also useful for people who want to save paper by viewing it on screen, and those who want to customize the time zone options. We hope you like these options.

I always look forward to your comments.

May your gardens be abundant and beautiful.
May you always have more than enough!

Happy Gardening!
Caren Catterall

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"...ordered a couple of calendars last year, one as a gift was a big hit. I'm also ordering an extra couple this year, hoping to do my bit promoting such a great site, and great calendar. Thanks for all your hard work, it's most appreciated."
Kerry O

"I've been enjoying your site for a while now. This is the first time you've disclosed the woman behind the Divine Inspiration, and you've also added some good things to your site. Way to Go!!!!"
Alana J.

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