How to order a Gardening by the Moon Calendar

To order a Gardening by the Moon calendar you must first find your frost free dates. The best way to get this information is to ask your neighbors, or find out through the local agricultural extension or master gardeners program. You can also go to to find weather data by zip code (US only). Type in your zip code, weather related to Lawn and Garden, and look for "Averages and Records". We offer these choices, based on Average frost free dates:

Long growing season-- March 1 to November 15, USDA zones 7, 8, 9
Medium growing season-- April 15 to October 15, USDA zones 5, 6
Short growing season-- May 15 to September 30, USDA zones 4, 5

Below is a map of the average last spring frost dates that will give you general guidelines. Remember, average means that frost will occur up to fifty percent of the time before or after this date. You need to observe the weather patterns for the year to judge if it will be a normal spring, and this may mean you need to adjust your planting dates as well.

The second consideration, if you are borderline, is your particular gardening style. Are you the type who likes to brag about the first tomato of the season? Do you start your own seedlings inside so they will be ready as soon as the weather warms, and use season extenders like cold frames or row covers? (You are going to love this calendar!) If you are one of these type gardeners, choose the longer season, and be ready with some protection on those late frosts. On the other hand, if you are the more cautious type who like to wait until the weather is warmed up so there is no worry about that, then you would choose the shorter version calendar.

Caution: There are areas, at high altitudes or near bodies of water, that create microclimates that differ from the surrounding area. Extremes of temperature or humidity may require adjustments in plants and dates, particularly in the speckled areas below. Customers outside of the continental United States, in the Northern Hemisphere, may be able to find a comparable version by matching frost dates.

Time Zone: The long season calendar is Pacific Time, and the medium and short are Eastern Time. There is not a complete selection of all the variables of length of season and times zones in the printed wall calendar. However we now have digital files that you can download and customize your length of season and choose between Eastern time, or Pacific time.

These are the approximate areas recommended for each of our different versions. Remember to use your best judgment and knowledge of local conditions!
Speckled areas may require some adjustments of planting dates due to extremes of altitude, temperature or humidity.

Long Medium or Short growing season


Frost Map key Frost Map

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