Sales reps wanted for our unique garden product

The Gardening by the Moon planting guide is one of the only lunar calendars that gives specific planting lists for different growing regions. Published since 1998, it has proven to increase yields and help your garden grow at its optimum rate, and has an enthusiastic following that comes back year after year.

This amazing little product needs to get out into the world! We are always seeking wholesale outlets, particularly in organic garden centers and natural food stores. Do you represent a line of gardening goods or have clients who are in the organic green industry? We are always looking for sales representatives to sell our Gardening by the Moon calendar. We can provide you with samples and sales materials. Please contact us .

Counter top display box

Our selling points:

  • Geared to your local climate, with more planting information than any other almanac. Available in three versions.
  • Easy to read calendar format shows the moon phase on each day, monthly planting and activity lists
  • Three peak sales--holiday gift giving, new year calendar, and well on into spring, whenever it arrives in your area.
  • Buy back guarentee--we give credit for unsold product in May (wholesale accounts)

And to our retail customers...

If you know of a store near you that might be interested in carrying our planting guide, please let us know! We will offer you 20% of the first sale if you approach the buyer and make the sale. If you want us to do the leg work, just send us a name and phone number and we will follow up. And then next year perhaps you won't have to pay shipping!

Garden Clubs, fundraisers, take note

Our calendar is now available in quantities of 24, and comes with a table top display. This would be a great idea for a fundraiser for your garden club, community garden, or for a group of friends to get a price break. You can save almost 50% off the retail price.