Gardening by the Moon Site Overview

Here is a complete overview of the Gardening by the Moon web site.
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Introduction to Gardening by the Moon
     All roads lead from here...
How the phases of the moon effects planting
     The difference between the waning and waxing moon
How the Astrological signs of the Zodiac influence plants
     Fertile signs grow fertile plants
How does lunar planting work?
     Research and scientific facts about lunar planting
     Works cited bibliography
How to calculate when to plant seeds
     How to figure it out yourself if you have another source for the moon signs.
Frequently Asked Questions
Newsletter archives
     Articles for publication and past newsletters
     Articles and reviews about the calendar
     A selective list of Garden sites, Green sites, pagan sites, and other faves...
About Divine Inspiration Publications
     Including a fun map showing where my last 1000 visitors came from.

Order a calendar

Order a calendar -- Goes straight to shopping cart
Find out more about the great features and different formats
     Help with choosing the right version
     Includes USDA Frost maps
View inside pictures of the calendar
     Shipping information
Sales Representatives wanted in the organic garden industry
     Wholesale orders buy 24 with display online.
          Garden clubs can get wholesale prices!
     List of retail outlets
          who sells the Gardening by the Moon calendar
          Recommend a store to us
The Moon Planting Matrix software
     More options to customize to your time zone and exact frost dates
     Download 30 day free trial

Gardening Resources

Organic Gardening tips and techniques
     A brief description of organic practices
Marijuana, medicinal herbs and the moon
     Growing your own moon potent healing herbs
Planting chart
     Preferred air and soil temperature, planting depth and spacing
How to take better garden photos, and include garden art
     Advice for creating garden art, and recording with pictures
USDA frost maps

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"What a fabulous site! And written in such readable fashion including the size of the font and the fact that it is not too fussy!"
Elaine W.