Gardening by the Moon 2022

Planting Guide and Garden Activities Based on the Cycles of the Moon

Gardening by the Moon 2022 is the best moon calendar for gardeners, with more planting information specific to your climate!

There is always something to do in the garden, and this unique tool keeps you on track. By working with the forces of nature you can have a more abundant harvest.

The lunar gravitational pull increases the moisture in the soil at the time of the new and full moon, encouraging germination and growth.

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Inside view of planting guide

Planting by the moon information in a calendar format makes the practice of gardening by the moon phases easy to understand and follow.  Here’s what our Gardening by the Moon 2022 Calendar features:

  • The best days for planting by the phase and sign of the moon, with a short phrase to guide you for the day
  • When to plant vegetable and flower seeds in flats or set out in the garden, according to your local frost dates
  • Monthly reminders of seasonal garden activities to keep you on track
  • Daily moon phase and sign, and the time of full and new moons
  • Color photographs, hangs open at 11″ x 17″
  • Shows root, leaf, flower, seed days
  • The PDF pages look the same as the wall calendar

Gardening by the Moon Calendar 2022 is Available in both Printed and Digital format

  • The printed wall calendar explaining gardening by the moon phases. See below.
  • An instant digital download, print-it-yourself PDF. Buy it by the year or just a few months.
  • The Moon Planting Matrix Software program has been discontinued

Three Different Regional Choices, Based on Your Average Frost Free Dates


Price: The printed wall calendar is $15.95. The Digital Calendar is $2 a month, $7.50 for 6 months, and $1 each for more, $12 a year.

Shipping: USPS First class postage is $3.75, $6.95 for priority service. We generally ship first class mail. Three or more calendars are shipped USPS Media Mail.

To pay by check, include price in US$, plus $4.53 shipping (CA residents add 8.13 % sales tax) and a note about which version of the wall calendar you want. Allow 2 weeks delivery. (Available for the printed wall calendar only, not digital files, or software)

Mail payment to: Divine Inspiration Publications
PO Box 2503 Guerneville CA 95446

The digital download product is exactly like the printed calendar, with the advantage that you can mix the growing season and time zone (Pacific or Eastern time). They will be available on your order confirmation screen immediately at the end of the purchase.

One year is easy to choose with one click, but you may choose just a few months at a time, if you find us late in the season. Save the files to your hard drive, and use on screen or print as you desire.

Yes, Daylight Savings time is used from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.

You can get these choices by ordering the digital download PDF. You can choose any growing seasons with either Eastern or Pacific time zone. The printed calendars don’t have those options available.

The Moon Matrix software, our software application, enables you to customize many more options, such as frost dates, all 24 time zones and your specific vegetables and flowers.

Lunar gardening facts are derived from the astrological sign of the Moon, which is different from the astronomical constellation of the same name. In other words, there are actual constellations that are named for the zodiac, and the moon passes through each of these, but they don’t match the astrological signs.

The heavens are divided equally into the twelve signs of the zodiac, but the constellations aren’t actually in those signs. The Gardening by the Moon Calendar is based on the geocentric, earth-centered view, and the Tropical zodiac.

Those mark each hour of the day so you can see approximately what time of day the moon sign changes. It reads like a time line, with the morning hours on the left of center, and the evening hours to the right of center. The gray bars that span several days show when the moon is in that sign.

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