Lunar Learning Library

Our Lunar Learning Library is an archive housing all of our free gardening resources. Here at Wolf Hill Press we are honored to play even a small role in bringing the history and traditions of lunar gardening to you. Enjoy!

Whether you’re old hat at gardening by the moon, or trying it out for the first time, we’d love to hear how it works for you.

lunar learning library - sowing the seeds

Lunar Learning: Sowing the Seeds

How Lunar Planting Worksthe how and why of gardening by the moon

Moon Phase Gardeninghow listening to the moon helps your garden

Planting by the Signsdeepen your practice by incorporating the signs

Finding Your Frost Free Datesget to know your garden’s season

How to Pick Planting Daysharvest the best crops by planting on the best day

lunar learning library - digging deeper

Lunar Learning: Digging Deeper

Eclipsesobservations and traditions the world over

Medicinal Herbs and the Moontend your garden, tend yourself

Organic Gardening Tips

Vegetable Planting Chart

Getting a Start With Garden Art

How to Take Better Gardening Pictures

Web Resources for Gardenerseducational links, regional seed suppliers, and more

Works Cited & Further Readingsources and resources

These blog posts are a bit more off the cuff than the more researched articles to the left. Here I record periodic garden updates & observations.