Gardening by the Moon

Lunar Almanac

Planting Guide and Garden Activities based on the Cycles of the Moon

work ~with~ the forces of nature to get the most from your garden

There’s always something to take care of in the garden, and this beautifully utilitarian tool keeps you on track. With more lunar information than any other almanac, Gardening by the Moon is a planting guide, lunar almanac, and wall calendar all in one and bursting with planting information specific to your climate.

Our annually-published planting guide contains everything you need to know to bring the age-old tradition of planting by the signs to your own farm or garden, presented in an intuitive monthly calendar format.

By working with the forces of nature, you can have an earlier, healthier, and more abundant harvest. Seeds are scientifically proven to germinate more quickly as the moon waxes. Planting under the correct lunar phase and sign gives your garden the very best start—and the best chance of success!

Ancient Agricultural Wisdom, Backed by Modern Science:
  • Monthly gardening activities like pruning, irrigating, and fertilizing to keep you on track throughout the year
  • Best planting days and daily garden activities based on moon’s phase and sign
  • When to plant vegetable and flower seeds in flats or set out in the garden, according to your local frost dates
  • Leaf, fruit, root, and flower days
  • Average frost dates by hardiness zone
  • Daily moon phase and sign
  • Easy to read timeline showing the moon’s progress through the zodiac, including void-of-course
  • Precise time of moon’s entrance into and exit out of each sign
  • Moon quarters, lunar & solar eclipses, and solstices & equinoxes given to the minute
  • Includes brand new six-page introduction to lunar gardening and planting by the signs, including specific information for medicinal herbs and seedsaving
  • Art-print quality color photographs from the calendarmakers’ garden
  • Humidity-resistant clay-based “silk” finish improves durability and takes pen, pencil, and marker well
  • Made from recycled and recyclable materials
  • US & Canadian federal holidays
  • Print calendar hangs open at 11” x 17”
  • Available in three time zones (Pacific, Central, and Eastern), all adjusted for Daylight Savings Time


The printed wall calendar is $19.95.

Digital calendars are $13/year.

Shipping: Costs range from $4.50-$15 for retail shipping depending on weight of items and options chosen at checkout. There is no shipping charge for digital downloads.

To pay by check, include $19.95/calendar, plus $5 shipping (NY residents add 8% sales tax) and a note about which version of the wall calendar you want. Allow 2 weeks delivery.

Mail payment and make check out to: Wolf Hill Press, LLC
PO Box 766 | Syracuse, NY 13205

Digital files canNOT be purchased by check.

A printable order form is available here for your convenience but is not necessary.

Digital downloads are .pdf files which are easy to view on any computer or device regardless of age or operating system. The .pdfs contain the same wonderful planting guide and lunar information, and are available in a print-friendly version which is exactly like the wall calendar but comes in a greater variety of options, or a mobile-friendly version which is laid out vertically to be more legible on a phone or tablet.

They will be available on your order confirmation screen immediately at the end of the purchase, in the “My Account” tab if you make an account with us, and in your order confirmation email. Save the files to your hard drive, and use on screen or print as you desire.

Yes, Daylight Savings time is calculated as needed. We are watching the news regarding a possible change in Daylight Savings in the US closely.

Yes, with our digital downloads you can choose any of the three growing seasons as well as Eastern, Central, or Pacific Standard Time.

These are lines of the lunar transit bar. Each vertical line represents one hour, with labels at 3am, 6am, 9am, 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm. The gray bars that span several days show when the moon is in that sign.

Calculated to your local growing season:
  • LONG — March 1 to November 15 or no frost expected
      • zones 7, 8, 9, 10
  • MEDIUM — April 15 to October 15
      • zones 5, 6, 7, 8
  • SHORT — May 15 to September 30
      • zones 3, 4, 5, 6

Each version of the calendar features lists of suggested monthly gardening activities suitable for your climate at that time, to help keep you on track as the seasons (and chores!) change.

Detailed planting guide with monthly planting and transplanting lists, including notations of when to use season-extending protections, are invaluable to vegetable and flower growers alike.

Average frost dates are given, as well as when to start hardening seedlings off and when to transplant them.

Which planting guide format suits you best?

The Gardening by the Moon calendar is available in three different growing seasons (Long, Medium, Short), three different time zones (Pacific, Central, Eastern, and new for 2024—Mountain), and three different formats. Each format contains the same beautiful photography, planting lists, and daily and monthly gardening activities, but has been tailored to your lifestyle needs as well as your time zone and local growing season.


Our CLASSIC PRINT EDITION is a wall calendar in publication continuously since 1998. Printed in a local-to-us union shop using soy-based, low-VOC ink on recycled paper with a shiny cover and easy-to-write-on matte inner pages which will take pencil, pen, or marker. Available as Long Season in Pacific Standard Time, Medium Season in Eastern Standard Time, and Short Season in Eastern Standard time.


If you want to print your own, we have a PRINT FRIENDLY .PDF INSTANT DOWNLOAD available. Exactly like the wall calendar but available in a wider range of time zone/growing season options. Also works great on a desktop, laptop, or larger tablet. Available as Long Season in Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern Standard Times; Medium Season in Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern Standard Times; and Short Season in Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern Standard Times. 

Mobile Friendly

For modern gardeners on the go, we are introducing a MOBILE FRIENDLY .PDF INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Laid out vertically to for increased legibility on a phone or tablet. Available as Long Season in Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern Standard Times; Medium Season in Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern Standard Times; and Short Season in Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern Standard Times.

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