Environmental Statement

As gardeners and as community members, we believe that we can only improve our own lives, health, and well-being by equally improving the world around us, which is why we made environmental responsibility one of the founding values of our company.

We implement this value in tangible ways at every level of shipping and production:

Recycled paper in our products and in our office.

Our crop tracking sheets and packing slips are printed on 100% recycled paper. Our notecard envelopes are 100% post-consumer waste; our notecards are printed on the most sustainable paper we can source. All of the paper we use in-office is 100% recycled or salvaged. Unfortunately the availability of recycled paper products has waned since its peak in the twentyteens, but we have made a commitment to always buy the highest recycled and post-consumer waste content products available.

Recyclable and compostable products and packaging.

When Wolf Hill Press took over the publication of Gardening by the Moon in 2022, we changed a few things to improve the sustainability of the calendar. First of all, the internal calendar pages are now curbside-recyclable, as are all of our packaging and shipping materials. We even switched from a single-use plastic shrink-wrap to a recyclable cellophane envelope for our wholesale calendars. What’s more, almost all of our shipping materials are home compostable, including our brown packing tape. All of our printing is done with low-VOC inks, which are safer for workers and safer for worms.

Eliminating plastic and other non-recyclable waste.

We do our best to use only renewable resources in the creation, production, and shipping of all Gardening by the Moon products. At time of writing, the only plastic in our office/warehouse is in our computers, printers, and some long-lasting art supplies. We’ve recently updated our shipping process, so even the release liners for our mailing labels are recyclable. That’s right, there are NO non-recyclable or single-use products in our publishing, packaging, or shipping processes!

Partnering with other small, local, and environmentally-focused businesses.

Our calendars are printed at a union shop only 25 miles from our office. Most of our block-printing supplies come from a local art store less than 3 miles from our front door. We ship all packages via USPS because they have likewise made a commitment to use sustainable packaging and practices, including biodegradable adhesives in their postage. By working with other small, local, and family- or worker-owned businesses, we support a community which supports the health and well-being of its members.

Reducing our energy usage.

In summer, we cool our office using curtains and a well-placed willow tree rather than air-conditioning. In winter, we seal and insulate our windows every winter to reduce our furnace use.