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All of our calendars are available in different time zones AND different season lengths.

Long Season (March 1 to November 15)

  • Pacific Time (print, digital)
  • Central Time (digital)
  • Eastern Time (digital)

Medium Season (April 15 to October 15)

  • Pacific Time (digital)
  • Central Time (digital)
  • Eastern Time (print, digital)

Short Season (May 15 to September 30)

  • Pacific Time (digital)
  • Central Time (digital)
  • Eastern Time (print, digital)

Our classic wall calendar, in continuous publication since 1998 and featuring beautiful art, helpful gardening tips, and an intuitive lunar transit timeline. Each version of the calendar is tailored to meet your needs depending on your garden’s average frost-free dates.

2023 Digital Downloads now 50% off

2024 .pdf calendars coming soon

Our full-year digital calendars offer all the same great information as our wall calendars, in a format suited to you. With both print-friendly .pdfs or—new for 2023!—mobile-friendly .pdfs, each season (Long, Medium, or Short) is available in three time zone options (Eastern, Central, or Pacific).

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Our hand-stamped brown paper seed-saving packets are recyclable and reusable, with a durable clasp closure that allows you to use them season after season. The coordinating crop-tracking sheets will help you stay organized from first planting to last harvest and are available in medium or large type.

Packaged using recycled paper twine—recyclable, compostable, and works great for tying up your tomatoes!

These cards are printed using archival inks on thick, textured paper milled from sustainable fibers, before being hand cut and folded at our Wolf Hill Press studio. Each card features a painting, print, or digital artwork by the Wolf Hill worker/owner/artists, celebrating a holiday or time of year important to them, and is blank on the inside so you can use it for any occasion. All cards are printed to order, include a coordinating envelope made of 100% post-consumer waste content, size 6.5” x 4.75,” and are sold 4/$18 ($4.50 each).

The Lunar Year cards fit a bit looser in the envelope than our other cards, and would be ideal to give to someone with impaired manual dexterity.