Greeting Cards

This collection of holiday cards, designed and printed in-house by our small team of worker/owner/artists, feature and uplift holidays and times of the year celebrated by us. Even though the holidays are not as popular as the ones in the Hallmark aisle at the drugstore, each card represents a celebration cherished by the artist who made it. We’ve been planning the release of this line of cards for a long time, and we’re thrilled they’re finally here—for ourselves, to be able to send to our own loved ones, and for others, who love giving and getting mail but can’t always find something to suit at a big box store.

We also have botanical cards featuring some of our most beloved plants, great for sending a note to a loved one at any time of year.

These cards are printed using archival inks on thick, sustainably sourced paper before being hand cut and folded at our Wolf Hill Press studio. Each card features a painting, print, or digital artwork by one or both of the Wolf Hill artists, celebrating a holiday or time of year important to them, and is blank on the inside so you can use it for any occasion.

All cards are printed to order and available in quantities of four. Each card includes a coordinating envelope made of 100% post-consumer waste content, size 6.5” x 4.75”. The Lunar Year cards fit a bit looser in the envelope than our other cards, and would be ideal to give to someone with arthritis or otherwise impaired manual dexterity.

Because the paper industry is unpredictable, we do not have one paper that we always use. We always get the most sustainable, best quality paper available at the time we’re restocking. We use between 100# and 120# paper depending on availability, and look for things like: recycled fibers, particularly post-consumer waste; ecologically friendlier fibers such as hemp; salvage paper which would otherwise go to waste; Forest Stewardship Council certification.