Last year, we added eclipse information to the calendar and this year, we’ve incorporated the eclipses into our gardening advice. Over the last year, I had the time to consult different sources looking for any information surrounding how eclipses impact lunar gardening and every source I found agreed—no gardening! Eclipse days have been left blank, to allow you to mark the day in whatever way feels right for you. [For more information on the different ways people observe eclipses, click here.]

Some days (just about one day each month) we decided to leave as fallow days, and these have just been marked “Rest.” These days were chosen for different reasons—for some, the moon is in void-of-course for the entire day, or the phase is favorable for one thing and the sign for something completely different, or perhaps it’s a day of moon change (full, half, or new moon). Even though the work is never done, it’s important to take time to rest our bodies and our minds. A field that lays fallow for a season or a year is left unplanted not because that field is “done” being planted, but because a rest now enables more and better growth when planted in the future.

Happy Gardening~