It wasn’t a surprise to me when people started writing, wanting advice on growing herbs. Herbalism and the moon just go together. And beside that, so many people can’t afford the doctor, or feel that their doctor isn’t listening to them, at the same time that returning to a more natural way of living is very popular.

Herbalism is one of the first things Maxx and I connected over—I started dabbling in herbalism as a teenager with chronic bronchitis (now cured!), and Maxx got into gardening as a young adult by growing herbs they were drinking in their daily tea like lavender and mint. When they moved into my house, they also moved into my garden—bringing nettle, comfrey, and Oswego tea with them from their previous garden.

For this year’s calendar, we’ve put our heads together and added a whole new Herb section in the planting lists, as well as adding more herbal advice to the monthly/daily activities and a section titled “Herbs by the Moon” to the six page introduction to lunar planting included at the back of the calendar.

Happy Gardening~