Flower Experiment 2023 Update #1

I took a whole bunch of seedling measurement last night, and even though it's barely a month in, I have some good data to share with you all. From my notes for Monday, April 3: Pincushion Flower/Scabiosa – Two Plantings The first batch was planted on March 4 with the moon second quarter in Leo [...]

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Flower Experiments 2023

I'm excited to get going on some new moon-planting experiments this year, starting a little earlier and staying a little more organized. I'm not sure what outdoors experiments I might do over the summer—the weather's very very changeable, with heavy late snows, and I think summer might be late too. For indoor seedlings, I've started [...]

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Hello, Beans!

For the past couple weeks, I've been conducting the inaugural Gardening by the Moon science experiment. Or rather, two concurrent experiments, using nearly identical methods but different varieties of beans and locations for planting. Maxx and I did the first two plantings on July 7 and 9, with the waxing moon in Libra and Scorpio [...]

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