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Updating the Calendar: Lunar Transit Bar

This is Maxx, the resident print production specialist. Last summer, Toby and I ran a survey asking customers about their experiences with the calendar. One of the questions we asked was about the lunar transit bar, something which has featured in Caren's calendar from day one and sets Gardening by the Moon apart from other [...]

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The Lunar Herb Garden

It wasn't a surprise to me when people started writing, wanting advice on growing herbs. Herbalism and the moon just go together. And beside that, so many people can't afford the doctor, or feel that their doctor isn't listening to them, at the same time that returning to a more natural way of living is [...]

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Fallow Days

Last year, we added eclipse information to the calendar and this year, we've incorporated the eclipses into our gardening advice. Over the last year, I had the time to consult different sources looking for any information surrounding how eclipses impact lunar gardening and every source I found agreed—no gardening! Eclipse days have been left blank, [...]

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The Stories of Our Seeds

Something that I first heard about from Rowen White, and which really informs my gardening now, is the generational relationship between plants and the people they nourish and who nourish them in turn. This relationship is particularly apparent with the annual food and medicine plants we save the seeds of. Whether our dormant season is [...]

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