Appeal to your ecologically savvy customers with this beautiful and utilitarian garden tool.
This planting guide is popular with customers at outlets such as garden centers, natural food stores, and local bookstores, or wherever organic-minded people gather.
  • Retail price $15.95, wrapped for resale in 100% recyclable cellophane
  • Price per calendar:
    • 12-23 — $9 each
    • 24+ — $8 each
  • Durable, attractive countertop display available for only $7
    • Display is FREE with your first order of 36 calendars or more
  • Display looking a little thin after the holiday shopping season? Each January, our price AND minimum order quantity drop to help you take advantage of the spring planting rush! Top off your display with 6 or more calendars at $7.50 each.
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Lunar Almanac and Gardening Guide

with monthly and daily activities based on the cycles of the moon

Unique Planting Guide Helps Maximize Productivity

The Gardening by the Moon planting guide is a great tool for gardeners of all levels that will remind them to plant at the right time, according to the phase and sign of the moon. This lunar calendar gives specific monthly planting lists for your local growing region.

A picture of the black cardboard wholesale display, showing Short and Medium Season calendars separated by labeled dividers.

Available for three different growing seasons, based on average frost free dates

Long Growing Season, March 1 to November 15 (USDA Hardiness Zones 7, 8, 9, 10)

Medium Growing Season, April 15 to October 15 (USDA Hardiness Zones 5, 6, 7, 8)

Short Growing Season, May, 15 to September 30 (USDA Hardiness Zones 3, 4, 5, 6)

  • Reliable customer favorite has kept happy customers coming back year after year since 1998 and sells well through spring planting time
  • Easy to read wall calendar format
  • Monthly garden activities for your local growing climate keep you on track through the changing seasons
    • Vegetable and flower planting lists for both starting inside and sowing direct by frost date
  • Beautiful, art-print quality garden photographs for each month
  • The most accurate and complete lunar almanac available in print, featuring:
    • daily pictures of the moon phase
    • new and full moons to the minute
    • visual timeline showing the moon’s precise astrological transits
    • lunar and solar eclipses to the minute
  • Union printed in the USA with soy-based inks on partially recycled and fully recyclable paper
  • Sticker advertising digital download coupon code inside will draw new customers
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Wholesale price is $9/each for 12-24, $8/each for 25+. Calendars retail at $15.95.

The minimum order quantity is 12, with a price break at 24 and a free counter display with your first order of 36 or more.

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